NASEO created the State Residential Energy Programs database as a resource for reviewing and analyzing various residential retrofit programs. This database contains details on program information such as training, home energy assessments, rebates and financing, and quality assurance.

NASEO collected data from each U.S. State and Territory Energy Office (SEOs) and determined that there are approximately 45 residential retrofit programs total, excluding Home Performance with ENERGY STAR (HPwES), which are being administered through the SEOs. Funding amounts for these programs total over $345,000,000 and are being administered through State Energy Programs (SEPs), Energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grants (EECGB), Public Goods Charges, and Petroleum Violation Charges, among others. Of these 45, 31 implement whole house residential retrofits, with programs focusing on 1) existing homes or 2) a combination of existing & new homes. Seven programs focus solely on new construction, while the remaining seven focus on auditor and contractor training. These whole house retrofits, once completed, target to reach 15-30% in energy savings per home per year, depending upon the kinds of improvements chosen by a homeowner.

Additionally, a handful of HPwES programs are currently being operated through SEOs, which are reflected in this database as well. The majority of HPwES programs, however, is administered through various utilities throughout the states and can be accessed by visiting HPwES Locations.

NASEO plans to update this database as any additional material becomes available. For further information, please contact Sandy Fazeli (